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Top three small cap cryptos to look out for in January.

Ansh Rathod


Small-cap cryptocurrencies have a market cap of less than $1 billion and are most susceptible to dramatic swings based on market sentiment. Thus with the recent fall in Bitcoin (BTC/USD), many small-cap cryptocurrencies have fallen by over 50% from their highs and investors are now looking to seize the opportunity to buy the cryptos for huge discounts. Many investors look for promising tokenomics with confident teams to search for undervalued projects, such projects can yield some huge returns however investors must be cautious and not buy a large % of their portfolios with small-cap cryptocurrencies as they are extremely volatile.

Here are three Small-cap cryptocurrencies which look like they could have a promising future-


  1. Ampleforth (AMPL) 

Ampleforth is a one-of-a-kind cryptocurrency with a variable coin supply that changes on a daily basis. It adjusts the number of coins based on demand, with the circulating supply of coins being modified algorithmically. When the demand for fiat money is too strong, more money and notes must be issued. AMPL has also formed a symmetrical triangle and a breakout could be seen soon, which could take AMPL to new highs.


The NFTB token will be used to facilitate NFTb platform governance and boost engagement by creators and buyers & sellers. The NFTB token metrics are structured to capture network participants who share our vision for the long term success of the project. NFTB has fallen by over 50% from its highs and is thus looking undervalued for investors, moreover with the commencement of the buyback program in December   NFTB could rally soon. 

3. Meter (MTRG/USD)

Meter is a high-performance infrastructure that allows smart contracts to scale and travel seamlessly through heterogeneous blockchain networks. Meter is highly decentralized, moreover, it is extremely fast and scalable and is able to process thousands of transactions per second. After falling by over 50% it is looking highly undervalued at the current price and could soon rally.

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