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Bitcoin Motion Review 2024

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Author: Charles Thuo Updated: March 10, 2022

Buying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continues to attract savvy traders from right across the world, most of whom are finding the use of automated trading software a welcome innovation. 

As various developers design systems to help make trading easy and more profitable, Bitcoin Motion has reportedly claimed to be one of the best, featuring state-of-the-art technology that makes it the market’s leading trading bot. Is Bitcoin Motion indeed what its creators claim on their website? This review of the software looks at how it works and whether it's legit or just another scam.

What Is Bitcoin Motion and How Does It Work?

Bitcoin Motion claims to leverage a sophisticated algorithm powered by artificial intelligence (AI), which, unlike manual trading, allows the software to quickly scan through multiple data sources and markets. The advanced technology then identifies the most profitable trades and according to the Bitcoin Motion website, all this happens within seconds and to a high degree of accuracy.

Summary of Bitcoin Motion

  • Fully Automated Trading

  • Easy to Access

  • Low Initial Deposit

  • Demo Feature Available

  • Regulated in Major Jurisdictions

    Bitcoin Motion Features Explained

    Bitcoin Motion claims to offer several features that are designed to benefit customers. Here are the top ones:


    Bitcoin Motion explains that all payouts are calculated and sent to customers’ accounts after every live session, with the ease of navigation meaning users can access their daily payouts any time. User testimonials seemingly attest to this, with many claiming to earn up to €1,500 daily although we feel this largely depends on your trades and experience.

    Verification System

    The verification process appears to be fast, and seamless, with tests showing it takes about 5 minutes to be done and ready to trade. The first step is to open an account using your email, and phone number. Once this is done, the system will ask you to confirm the email and verify your identity. You then get connected to regulated brokers from where you can choose and link your bank account into which you will receive your earnings.

    Withdrawal Process

    Bitcoin Motion states that users are free to withdraw their money whenever they wish, with the process said to be fast. Customers reportedly get funds within 24 hours of initiating the withdrawal process.

    Costs and Fees

    The robot’s website assures customers that there are no costs or other hidden fees attached to the use of the software. However, Bitcoin Motion is said to only take a very small percentage of customer profits, which it claims go to community managers.

    User Testimonials

    There are numerous user testimonials about Bitcoin Motion available on the website as well as across online review platforms suggesting customers are largely positive about the robot. In almost all of these testimonials, it appears the robot’s users are happy with the software and its profitability.

    Customer Service

    A dedicated customer service team is what every business or service provider bank on to keep their clientele happy. Although there’s no email, chat or phone support, Bitcoin Motion notes that every customer has a dedicated account manager and that customer support is available 24/7.

    Affiliated Brokers

    Bitcoin Motion claims to work with a host of reputable and regulated brokers from across the globe. The robot connects to these brokers, who help connect customers with trading markets and are the ones responsible for placing trades on behalf of users. 

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Who Invented Bitcoin Motion?

Bitcoin Motion is reportedly a creation of a vastly experienced and highly skilled team of IT experts, computer programmers and blockchain developers. While there are no specific mentions of individuals, there's a high chance these are also people who honed their trading skills in the traditional and cryptocurrency markets.

The robot’s association with some of the leading and regulated brokers across the globe is also a good indicator of how highly regarded the creators of Bitcoin Motion are within the trading industry.

Who Invented Bitcoin Motion?

Start Trading in 3 easy steps

1. 1) Open a Free Account

The first step to using Bitcoin Motion is to register for an account, which is available free and takes no time to complete. To create an account, all you need is to go to the Bitcoin Motion website and fill a registration form by providing basic details such as name, email, phone number and password. Once this is complete, an account manager helps you connect to a broker.

2. 2) Make a Deposit

Before you begin trading, you will be required to fund your account by depositing €250, which is the initial capital of your investment. Bitcoin Motion states on its website that it has the lowest deposit amount among competitors, a feature that makes it fairly accessible to most customers. Once you have funds in your account, you can proceed to make your first trade.

3. 3) Start Trading

Bitcoin Motion says users can begin trade straight away once funds hit their account. However, there is a demo feature that one can use to practice before live trading. An account manager reportedly helps customers go through the settings, with all one is said to require being to monitor the system for 20 minutes every day and ensure they are on top of their trades.

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What are the Pros & Cons of trading with Bitcoin Motion?


Free registration: Bitcoin Motion is available for free to all, with just a few steps needed to create an account.
Fully automated: This trading software works automatically without human input and employs AI technology.
Deposits & withdrawals: Users can easily deposit funds into their new accounts or withdraw winnings to their bank account.
Demo account: There’s a demo feature for customers to practice trading before proceeding to use real money through a live account.
High accuracy: Bitcoin Motion claims to offer accurate trades, with most testimonials pointing to levels around 93%.
Regulated brokers: The robot reportedly connects every customer to a regulated broker, with many of the firms licensed in tier one jurisdictions across the globe.
Military-grade encryption: Bitcoin Motion says its website is protected by the latest AES-256 encryption, is SSL Secure and GDPR Ready.


No mobile app: While Bitcoin Motion is available free, developers might need to come up with a mobile app to attract more users.
Commission: The small percentage charged on every winning trade eats into user profits though it’s necessary to have the funds to help keep the robot safe and functional.

Is Bitcoin Motion Safe and Secure to Use?

Considering the numerous user testimonials, available online and on the Bitcoin Motion homepage, it is evident that most people who have used this software have a more positive review of  it. Users talk of the accuracy of trades, with most of them reported to be highly profitable. 

Online reviews across the board also appear to give Bitcoin Motion a high score in terms of user safety which is enhanced by the Military-grade encryption technology inbuilt into the software and the SSL secure website. 

Like every other product, there are a few complaints about customer support, but generally, most people say they have made money with this bot and are happy with the software as a whole. Most users seem to suggest that apart from being safe and secure, Bitcoin Motion can be a great tool for traders looking to complement their manual processes with a fully automated system.

Why Trade with Bitcoin Motion?

Thinking of trading cryptocurrency and wondering whether a trading robot would be the system to go for? Well, here are five reasons why you might want to use Bitcoin Motion:

Faster than manual processes

The advanced technology that powers Bitcoin Motion is said to give users a 0.01-second edge against other robots and an even higher margin on manual trades. This means the whole process from scanning the market to the placing of trades happens in a split second, giving users an edge over manual systems.

Highly accurate algorithm

Using the latest technology in AI and Machine Learning, Bitcoin Motion can glean through vast amounts of historical data and current news likely to shape the market and potential trends. The highly sophisticated algorithm is able to accurately pick trades deduced to be the most profitable.

Takes emotions out of trading

There are so many emotions that go into making a trading decision that you will often find you miss out on an opportunity just for things like worry and anxiety. Bitcoin Motion removes that from your trades, resulting in a higher degree of success.

Trade 24/7

The crypto market never sleeps and with trading opportunities there 24/7, a robot like Bitcoin Motion can glean the market for trades even when you sleep.

No hidden fees and costs

Bitcoin Motion’s reportedly transparent trading is another reason likely to make you want to try it. The idea that there are no fees charged to users, with the only money one requires before they start trading being the deposit, puts the bot above manual trading sites that are likely to charge a fortune in fees alone.

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Our Final Thoughts on Bitcoin Motion

Bitcoin Our verdict on Bitcoin Motion is that this trading software appears to work as claimed and its advanced trading algorithm is one that can greatly complement a user’s existing trading strategies.

While some of the profits reportedly earned by some customers seem staggeringly high, it is possible that these are vastly experienced hands or have traded with higher bets. As such, if you are a beginner, take time to practice with the demo and start small as you take profits.

Overall, Bitcoin Motion can be used by beginner and expert traders alike, a great way for anyone to try to benefit from a system that keeps you ahead of the competition. If you’d like to compare Bitcoin Motion with other top robots in the market, then this page has all the top picks, including Bitcoin Evolution, Bitcoin Code and Crypto Profit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. No. The software is only accessible online or via mobile web browsers. However, with the popularity of this software and from user reviews, it appears this will likely be available before long.
  2. You can easily get customer support by contacting your dedicated account manager assigned to each user during account registration.
  3. No. The software is free and is easily accessible and can be used by anyone once they create an account, verify identity and make an initial deposit.
  4. Verification and use of regulated brokers add to the safety of the robot, helping protect everyone using the system.

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