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Top four NFT based coins to buy

Ansh Rathod

NFT, Non-Fungible Tokens are seeing an increase in their hype and several NFT based coins are also surging. Many companies such as Adidas and Lamborghini have announced their NFT projects, moreover with celebrities like Justin Bieber spending over $1.3 million on a bored ape NFT it is looking like the NFT space still has huge potential. Thus here are four NFT based coins you can buy.

  1. NFTb (NFTB/USD)


NFTb is the platform’s native token and is designed to reward all network participants. The token enables holders to engage in payment and access to discounts, platform services and governance. It is a marketplace based coin and has a great developer team and thus has huge potential with some great projects being listed on the platform. 

NFTb surged by over 15% on Saturday, and it is looking like this could only be the start of the rally. NFTb has great potential with an increase in the trading volume in NFTs.

  1. OpenDAO (SOS/USD)


The OpenDAO project establishes the $SOS token as a way to pay tribute, protect and promote the non-fungible token (NFT) industry and those who are part of it. OpenDAO has surged by over 120% in just the past three days and is looking like a great NFT token to invest in.

  1. LooksRare (LOOKS/USD)


The platform states that “LooksRare is the community-first NFT marketplace that actively rewards traders, collectors and creators for participating. Why do we need another marketplace? Because the NFT community deserves better,” on its website. It is nearing over $400 million in sales just three days after its launch which is a huge number and can increase multifold in the coming months.

  1. Meta capital (MCAp/USD)


This coin has a unique functionality as the team at Meta Capital uses investors’ money to invest in NFTs and then returns the profits back. This is a very unique concept and with a bullish NFT market this could definitely pay back well in the coming months.

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