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Solana-based Alfprotocol partners with Secretum for decentralized communication services

Charles Thuo

Alfprotocol, a Solana-based DApp that provides leveraged liquidity, has partnered with the Secretum community to offer decentralized communication services. They both believe that through this partnership, they will be able to provide their users with greater functionality and flexibility where Alfprotocol will integrate Secretum dApp to their daily communication with the product users and the community.

Through this partnership, Alfprotocol community members will be getting the latest information and announcements via Smart Public Channel dedicated to it, however, the main purpose of the channel is to educate the public about decentralized finances as well as share infographics, educational videos, and other content in their private channel.

In addition, community members will also be able to use Secretum’s private and decentralized messaging dApp to chat with each other and learn more about DeFi a decentralized app, Secretum.

Alfprotocol new version

Alfprotocol introduced its version of an invariant-based Automated Market Maker (AMM) protocol that will be used for short-term loans of the money market and exchange operations. However, Its central contribution towards the Solana ecosystem is to leverage LP positions in AMM pools as well as yield farming protocols.

Alfprotocol is also improving capital efficiency as well as facilitating more liquid markets by connecting low-effort, low-risk investors that provide liquidity to lending protocols with leveraged liquidity and yield farming positions.

Launching Secretum-Alfprotocol Giveaway

Along with the partnership, Secretum will be launching a giveaway where 50 people will have a chance to win 250,000 $ALF tokens (2000USDT) and 2,000 $SER.

To be eligible for these giveaways, all you have to do is to follow the following simple steps.

Visit their website, then select Secretum x Alfprotocol Giveaway.

It will direct you automatically to a window where you will complete some tasks (note that the more tasks you tackle the higher your chances of winning).

Then the winner will get a confirmation message from the platform on the prize they have won.

Each winner will receive 40 $SER and 5000 $ALF.

The deadline for the giveaways will be on 4th April 2022 at 10.00 PM UTC.

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