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Sapien Network Launches ‘The Republic of DAOs’ and avatar-based NFT Passports

Charles Thuo

Sapien Network, a decentralized community-driven platform, will be launching The Republic of DAO to build an ecosystem that will allow DeFi users to have a shared digital economy by connecting, interacting, and growing the communities. The main purpose of The Republic of DAOs will be to bind different communities to a decentralized network where they will be able to launch their DAOs as well as allow profitable partnership networking.

Although Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) can revolutionize how people work together, people will need strategic cooperation and collaboration for efficiency, and that is where Sapien comes in.

Sapien Network aims to redefine the social network to cope with the advancing blockchain and Web 3.0 technology. Its team wants to venture into combining social networks with blockchain technology so that each individual can have a fully democratized social platform, where they can own collective assets and mint their tokens.

Sapien will also enable users to manage their personal information without the fear of data exploitation. With the help of blockchain technology, Sapien network will also establish a democratized, customizable and rewarding platform that will allow the users to remain in control of their data, make contributions, and manage their digital economies.

Launching of Avatar-based NFT passports

Sapien network has also built a unique non-fungible token, Sapien NFT Passport, that will allow its holders to have a wide range of benefits in the digital ecosystem like early and easy access to the Sapien platform and its utilities.

The NFT passport holders can also explore the special NFT collections of historic figures where they can choose their best Avatar and get their photos turned into unique Machine Learning Art to celebrate exclusive histories to build a shared future.

By signing with the passport, users will become the founder members of the Sapien nation. Besides, the NFT passport will also represent their membership in their community as well as maintain their identity in the ecosystem.

The presale of the passport is already ongoing, it started on 14th March and will end today (22nd) however, it will only be available only to those on the whitelist. The Public sale will take place tomorrow, 23rd March, for anybody interested to participate get their NFT passport.

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