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Is the long awaited breakout in Trilium finally here?

Ansh Rathod

After almost going to $0 from $6, Trilium (TLM/USD) sure has tested the patience of its investors who soon could be rewarded with a breakout. Tlm has been trading almost at the same levels since April and a rally is due soon. However, investors must be cautious with a coin like Tlm which has been continuously falling ever since it was listed and should only take long positions once a clear breakout with good buying volumes is seen.

A look at this years charts-

  • After falling by over 95% in April on the day it was listed Tlm has been trading below the $0.50 zone.

  • Tlm has formed a symmetrical triangle and has consolidated in a very tight range this month which is indicating towards a breakout very soon.

  • Tlm has been trading in symmetrical triangle ever since it was listed and once a breakout is seen, Tlm could yield some huge results 

  • Investors must be cautious with Tlm as it has been falling ever since it was listed thus investors must be patient and wait for a break on the upside with good buying volumes.

  • Investors who do not want to take on a lot of risk can also wait for Tlm to retest the trendline before entering.

  • An entry can be taken above $0.338 and a stop loss can be set below the demand zone at $0.295

  • Tlm could hit some huge targets such as $0.42, followed by $0.585.


Tlm could start a rally soon however investors must be careful and only enter once a breakout is seen and must be cautious by setting a stop-loss. 

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