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You can now buy Songbird, which marked a key step for the industry: here’s where

Daniela Kirova

The live Songbird price today is $0.07, with a 24-hour trading volume of $2.14 million. Songbird is up 5.19% in the last 24 hours.

If you want to know what Songbird is, can it give you good returns, and the top places to buy Songbird, you’ve come to the right place.

Top places to buy Songbird now


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What is Songbird?

Songbird has made a key step for the whole industry. It has allowed tokens on networks without smart contracts to be used in a non-custodial manner and trustlessly for the first time. This was achieved with scalable smart contracts.

Songbird is powered by Flare technology. It is a low-carbon, scalable, highly decentralized, low-cost smart contract platform that runs the EVM and uses a consensus based on the Federated Byzantine Agreement.

Flare obtains its network structure from the integrated networks at its core, which makes it unique. It leverages the security and decentralization of these underlying networks.  

Should I buy Songbird today?

Nothing can substitute doing your own research. Any investment decision you make should be based on your market expertise, your attitude to risk, and the features and spread of your portfolio. Also, consider how you would feel about losing money.

Songbird price prediction

Analysts differ when it comes to the future price of Songbird. GOV Capital is quite bearish, predicting it will drop to $0.04 this year.

On the other hand, the analyst Digital Coin Price forecasts Songbird will go up to $0.11 this year and to $0.17 in 2025. In 2030, they believe it will trade for $0.38.

Price Prediction is even more bullish. They predict a surge to $0.09 this year and to $0.41 in 2026. Songbird will break $1 in 2029 and hit $2.45 in 2031.

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