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YGG SEA partners with Solana Ventures to boost game development in South East Asia

Hassan Maishera

YGG SEA is focused on boosting blockchain game development in South East Asia.

YGG SEA, the South East Asia subDAO Yield Guild Games, has announced a strategic partnership with Solana Ventures. The partnership will see the two entities work towards boosting game development in the region.

In a press release shared with CryptoAdvisor, YGG SEA said the exclusive strategic agreement would lead to the provision of resources to the region’s game developers and the broader gaming community. 

The newly formed partnership is part of a $500,000 private investment round co-led by Solana Ventures for YGG SEA. 

Solana Ventures will work closely with the various YGG SEA country managers to put in place training programs that would help developers build projects on the Sokana blockchains.

The programs will also help connect game development studios to engineering resources to help deploy new titles in the Solana ecosystem. YGG SEA believes the move will boost game development and product launches in South East Asia.

The region is important in the gaming ecosystem as it currently has more than 225 million gaming and e-sports fans. 

Matt Beck, Head of Solana Ventures, said;

“Southeast Asia is a major hub of innovation in blockchain games, and we are excited to partner with YGG SEA to build sustainable value in the Southeast Asian communities and developer ecosystem. Game companies should not only focus on monetization. Our plans are to build out learning and development resources to create real, long-term value in Southeast Asia and ultimately help bring the best games and products to market.”

Thanks to this latest development, YGG SEA’s scholars can access a growing number of popular games built on Solana.

Evan Spytma, CEO and Co-Founder of YGG SEA, pointed out that play-to-earn games are becoming very popular in South East Asia. He said;

“YGG SEA’s core team and country managers have a deep understanding of the cultural nuances in this diverse region and have been building our community of scholars from the ground up since early 2022. The new partnership with Solana Ventures will give YGG SEA an incredible boost and help us offer the best resources to players and developers in Southeast Asia as we continue to serve the needs of the region’s gamer communities.”

YGG SEA maintains that its goal remains to help local players benefit from the play-to-earn game model.

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