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Top 3 fast growing smart contract cryptocurrencies to watch

Crispus Nyaga

Smart contract-enabled platforms have seen significant growth in the past few years. For example, Ethereum is now valued at over $326 billion, making it one of the biggest assets in the world. Here are some of the top smart contract cryptocurrencies seeing spectacular growth.


Cronos is a smart contract platform that was previously known as Crypto.org Chain. It is a project that was developed by Crypto.com, one of the best-known companies in the industry. The platform’s mainnet went live a few weeks ago and has attracted many developers. 

According to DeFi Llama, there are now 46 DeFi apps in its platform that have a total value locked (TVL) of over $2.46 billion, making it the 9th biggest smart contract in the world. Its biggest app is VVS Finance which has a TVL of over $1.3 billion. 

Therefore, there is a likelihood that Cronos will continue doing well in the coming years as more developers embrace the network.


Waves is a community-based decentralized platform that helps developers build scalable and user-friendly applications. Its token, $WAVES, has a market capitalization of over $1.9 billion, making it the 57th biggest coin in the world. 

Waves has seen a lot of demand in the past few weeks, which has helped push its price higher. It has risen by more than 100% in the past seven days. According to DeFi Llama, its TVL has jumped to about $1.7 billion, which is a remarkable number for a relatively new cryptocurrency. 

Developers love it for its speed and lower cost. The average cost of transaction is $0.019, which is significantly lower than that of Ethereum. Some of the top apps built using Waves are Neutrino, Vires Finance, Waves Ducks, and Exchange.

Near Protocol

Near Protocol is a smart contract project that has become popular these days. Its popularity can be traced to November last year when the developers launched Nightshade Sharding technology. Since then, the NEAR price has outperformed Ethereum, pushing its total market cap to more than $6.5 billion.

Near has attracted a good number of developers who are building projects in the DeFi and other industries. It has over 25 applications in its ecosystem that have a total value locked of more than $700 million. It is the 16th DeFi platform in the world. 

There is a likelihood that the network will continue expanding in the coming months as developers carry out upgrades.

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