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Top 3 cheap and under the radar metaverse cryptocurrency coins

Crispus Nyaga

The metaverse has been one of the top themes in the blockchain industry in the past few months. Recently, however, activity in mainstream metaverse projects like Decentraland, Sandbox, and Axie Infinity has moderated, pushing their tokens lower. Here are some of the top metaverse cryptocurrencies that have been under the radar lately.


MOBOX (MBOX/USD) is a leading metaverse blockchain project built on the BNB Chain. Its cryptocurrency is known as MBOX and has a market capitalization of more than $310 million, making it the 193rd biggest coin in the world.

MOBOX is a web and mobile platform that allows people to play games and earn rewards in the form of MOMO. In addition, in its so-called momoverse, one can buy non-fungible tokens (NFT) and even earn interest by staking their coins. Some of the games in the platform are Chainz Arena, Block Brawler, and TokenMaster.

The MOBOX price has crashed by more than 83% from its all-time high. If metaverse cryptocurrencies rebound, it will be one of the top coins to watch.

Render Token

Render Token (RNDR) is not necessarily a metaverse project where you can participate in a virtual world. But it is a blockchain platform that seeks to become popular among metaverse developers globally. 

The concept behind Render is easy. Since the metaverse is a power-hungry platform, it requires a lot in terms of processing power. As a result, the network offers a decentralized method of sharing computing power.

Using the Render Token, people can connect their free GPU to the network and share this power with people who needs this processing power. The people who share their GPU are then rewarded using the RNDR token. 

The RNDR price has dropped by almost 605 from its highest point on record but there is a possibility that it will bounce back in future.


Enjin (ENJ) is another blockchain platform that is already playing an important role in the metaverse. Like the Render Token, it is not directly a metaverse platform but its technology is widely used in the industry.

Today, most metaverse platforms make money through their NFT platforms. These NFTs make it possible for people to buy and sell collectibles. This is where Enjin comes in. The network provides developers with the ability to build and market their NFTs.

Enjin price has crashed by more than 68% from its all-time high, making it the 78th biggest cryptocurrency in the world. 

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