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Singapore is the inaugural metaverse city of Affyn’s NEXUS World

Hassan Maishera
  • Affyn has chosen Singapore as the first city of its NEXUS World. 

  • The inaugural city features 2,000 plots of Freehold Land NFTs.

  • Affyn said it would unveil more cities in the metaverse over the coming months.

Affyn’s NEXUS World has its first city

Singapore-based blockchain company Affyn, announced on Monday, December 12th, that it has chosen Singapore as the inaugural metaverse city of Affyn’s NEXUS World.

In a press release shared with CryptoAdvisor, the team said the first metaverse city features 2,000 plots of Freehold Land NFTs, with many more cities to be unveiled in the coming months.

The NEXUS World takes advantage of mobile geolocation features within metaverse cities that are directly mapped to the real world. This implies that all the 2,000 Land NFTs correspond with an actual location in Singapore. 

Each plot in this metaverse is represented by a hexagonal tile averaging around 15,047.5 square meters and approximately 65.9 meters per side. Affyn added that the plots are further categorised by their “rarity” levels like Common, Rare, Epic, and Mythical.

While commenting on this latest cryptocurrency news, Affyn Founder & CEO, Lucaz Lee, said;

“The initiation of Singapore as the first metaverse city represents a major milestone for Affyn and demonstrates our ongoing commitment to the product development roadmap. We are beyond excited for NEXUS World Landowners to experience the metaverse coming to life and take part in co-creating and powering the economy. These encouraging developments and more cities arriving in the coming months will prove invaluable catalysts for ongoing Web3 gaming adoption.”

The Land NFTs represent real estate within NEXUS

Affyn explained that the Land NFTs are the digital representation of real estate within the NEXUS World metaverse. Furthermore, the plots are characterised by a combination of climates and features, ranging from grass, sand, rock, snow biomes and much more. 

According to the team, users with the higher tiers of Land will be granted access to more benefits, including higher chances of spawning rarer “Buddies.”

Landowners have the option of renting out parts of their virtual real estate to other players within the metaverse. They can host games, events, and other activities in a bid to generate more revenue. 

Affyn added that each Land NFT is effectively a Hometown where the Landowner serves as the Mayor. This feature means that landowners have more flexibility and can provide a wide range of services to other players within the metaverse. 

Affyn said users who bought Flags could claim plots of land within the Singapore metaverse city on December 17 at 12:00 UTC.

Affyn is a Singapore-based company, using blockchain-powered technology, to develop mobile games with integrated geolocation and augmented reality capability. 

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