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Rarible launches NFT collection in collaboration with Tezos

Harshini Nag

Rarible has previously announced integrations with Ethereum and Flow

Proof-of-stake blockchain Tezos is the latest blockchain to integrate with Rarible’s multichain marketplace, the NFT platform announced earlier today. The collaboration will enable Rarible to support secondary sales of live Tezos projects and allow users to transact energy-efficient NFTs with cost-efficient gas fees.  

The integration, made possible by the Rarible Protocol, is expected to be rolled out in two phases. 

As per phase one, users will be immediately able to mint and transact new Tezos NFTs, as well as trade on the secondary market. This includes access to Digits, the in-game metaverse collectables by Ubisoft.

In the second phase, Rarible will mint new NFT collections based on custom contracts. This will be used to set up royalties for the imported collections that previously existed on Tezos.  

Explaining the significance of the partnership for Rarible, CEO Alexei Falin said:

Rarible firmly believes that the future of NFTs is cross-chain, and that interoperability is the key to a streamlined, successful NFT ecosystem. We have seen many alternative blockchains gain traction in the NFT space for their unique offerings, specifically Tezos for its low costs and energy-efficient minting process through proof-of-stake validation.”

Rarible began its efforts to build a multi-chain platform to consolidate the NFT space by integrating with Ethereum and Dapper Labs’ Flow. With Tezos now on board, the company is aiming at integrations with Solana and Polygon next, the CEO revealed.

“Rarible users will benefit from an enhanced experience on our marketplace while enjoying exposure to a wider array of NFT projects that exist within the robust Tezos network,” Falin added.

To celebrate the integration, Rarible and Tezos have launched Blazing Futures, an inaugural NFT collection curated by Diane Drubay, founder of We Are Museums and a minter of NFTs on Hic Et Nunc. The collection features artworks from 10 Tezos-based artists that are exclusively available on Rarible.  


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