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Plan C Crypto will set up mining rigs in smaller towns, says CEO

Hassan Maishera

The United States is the leading cryptocurrency mining country globally, but most of the mining activities are focused on a few states.

Plan C Crypto, a cryptocurrency mining entity in the United States, has revealed that it plans to set up its mining operations in small US communities.

The CEO Antonio Bestard revealed in a recent interview that the company is ditching the big towns in favour of smaller cities and towns to revitalize abandoned real estate and create higher-paying jobs. 

He said empty buildings in towns far away from major cities provide cheaper real estate. Furthermore, the opportunity to build on local, more affordable power grids, will enable their company to experience rapid growth. He said;

“In Fayetteville, the regional headquarters will pull veterans out of Fort Bragg and train them to be plant technicians, and eventually plant managers, straight out of the army.”

Perceptions is another company that has adopted this move. Christopher Perceptions, CEO of PerceptForm, revealed that the company is finalizing mining facilities in North Carolina, Wyoming and Wisconsin. 

It is also looking to establish additional mining facilities in 20-30 cities across the United States. The CEO said; 

“If everyone is going to Austin or Miami, we want to build elsewhere. There’s 50 states, so we want to go where others aren’t. Those three markets are going to be huge. If we can build there, we can go anywhere. It’s going to provide opportunities for education jobs and create financial incentives, as well.”

Bestard said the desire to move to smaller towns is to create more jobs in those communities without causing commotions. He added that;

“We’re moving into the community silently and going to bring them jobs without disrupting the area. We are committed to being a non-noisy neighbor by implementing immersion mining and removing the loud fans.”

The United States has become the leading cryptocurrency mining country in the world after China banned all crypto mining-related activities last year.

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