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NFTs provide a bridge for millions of users to convert to Web 3.0, says d’Haussy

Hassan Maishera

NFTs have become very popular within the cryptocurrency space and they continue to gain massive adoption.

Charles d’Haussy, Managing Director, Asia-Pacific, ConsenSys, revealed in a recent interview that NFTs have provided a bridge for millions of mainstream users to convert to Web3.

The emergence and growth of Web3 have taken centre stage within the cryptocurrency space in recent months. The decentralisation of the web is something that has gotten the broader cryptocurrency market excited. The ConsenSys director said;

“We believe there are a few main drivers of this growth, the first having to do with appealing to a digitally-native generation. NFTs bridge many gaps between the traditional and new worlds — physical and digital, mainstream and crypto — because everyone can resonate with collectibles in the niche they care about.”

He added that for many people, NFT has become more than a hobby. He added that;

“In fact, the advent of play-to-earn gaming has introduced a way for many people in impoverished nations to make a living after having lost their jobs due to the pandemic. One example of this is Axie Infinity, a blockchain game that allows users to earn an income through NFTs and cryptocurrencies.”

Ethereum remains one of the leading NFT blockchains in the world. ConsenSys, a blockchain software technology company that focuses on building products on the Ethereum blockchain, praised the Ethereum network. Charles d’Haussy said;

“Ethereum is the first and primary blockchain for running software, and the idea is revolutionary. It has ushered in DeFi, the creative industries with NFTs, and now new organizational structures and gaming collectives.”

However, he added that ConsenSys believes that there will be many computational blockchains because they will form the backbone of Web 3.0. He concluded that not all will play an equal role, as there’s a distinction between technology, adoption and community.

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