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Meet the lovable puppy’s son: You can now buy MetaShiba, here’s where

Daniela Kirova

The original Shiba may be plummeting, but its successor is here and winning: MetaShiba, the value of which has been rising consistently. It was listed on PancakeSwap recently and there is no end to its gains. Read on to learn about the top places to buy MetaShiba now.  

Top places to buy MetaShiba now

What is MetaShiba?

MetaShiba is a metaverse token uniting different galaxies in the universe. It is a new decentralized cryptocurrency token running on the Binance Smart Chain network. According to the website, MetaShiba has learned a few tricks and lessons from Shiba Inu. They have a standard buyback feature and an additional feature to burn from the whale wallet manually. More BNB will go to the contract to enable buyback and manual burns.

Should I buy MetaShiba today?

MetaShiba can be a profitable investment, but it’s best to wait and see how its price trajectory will develop. Still, it can bring profit even if it has a fraction of the original Shiba’s success.   

MetaShiba price prediction

Digital Coin Price makes a somewhat bullish prediction. In one year, the price will double from what it is now. It will increase by a fraction every year thereafter.  

MetaShiba on social media


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