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Logan Paul launches Liquid Marketplace, a ‘tokenized collectibles’ marketplace

Charles Thuo

Social media influencer Logan Paul in collaboration with Amin Nikdel and Ryan Bahadoni has launched Liquid Marketplace, a platform that allows the selling and buying of tokenized digital and physical collectibles.

Some of the items that were available for trading at launch include Psa 8 2009 1/1 Michael Jordan Autopatch ($1.9 million), Logan Paul’s Personal WOTC Pokémon 1st Edition Base Set Booster Box ($378,000), PSA 8 Pikachu Illustrator ($1.1 million), and CryptoPunk #6837 ($250,000) among others.

By the time of launch, the platform had raised about $8 million from undisclosed investors and it intends to conduct a series B funding round in a couple of weeks’ time.

Converting high-valued physical items into tokens

According to an official press release by the co-founders, Liquid Marketplace “offers a curated selection of high valued, unobtainable items” that include tokenized unique and high-end collectibles.

Although the first drop focused mainly on high valued trading cards, Liquid plans to introduce new categories of collectibles in the coming two to three months as its global user base increases.

Co-Founder and CEO of Liquid MarketPlace, Ryan Bahadori, said:

"Liquid MarketPlace was born out of a mutual passion for collecting. We wanted to create a platform that would level the playing field so that anyone with a similar passion for collecting, regardless of demographic, would be able to own a portion of these amazing assets."

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