HomeIntroducing Counos X, which entered the top 100 with a bang: Where to buy Counos X

Introducing Counos X, which entered the top 100 with a bang: Where to buy Counos X

Daniela Kirova

The price of Counos X (CCXX) has increased by 64% in the last 7 days. Today, it added another 81% to its value. It now ranks 89th by market cap. If you are attracted to unique features and want to learn how and where to buy Counos X, this guide is for you.

Top places to buy Counos X now

What is Counos X?

Launched on 1 June 2019 by a team based in Switzerland, Counos X was designed to facilitate payments and clearing purchase invoices, especially for easy exchange with fiat money.

CCXX is the first coin that is bankable and implements the proof of work algorithm.

The number of coins to be offered in this network has not been limited, but in the first stage about 18,300,000 coins have been mined.

In the following stages, in case the duration between two mined blocks is more than 2 minutes, the first block after it will be rewarded with 0.035 coins. Other blocks will not be rewarded; in other words, the maximum generated in a day will be 25 coins.

Among other advantages of the CCXX is that if you hold Counos X in the staking wallet longer than a year, you will receive a 5% staking reward. If you keep Counos X longer than 6 months, your coins will increase by 2%.

Should I buy Counos X today?

Considering how hard it is to come up with an accurate cryptocurrency prediction, you should never take any decisions affecting your finances before an in-depth market analysis. Don’t invest more than you can afford to lose.

Counos X price prediction

Tech News Leader predicts CCXX might grow from its current price of $72 to as much as $133 in 1 year. In 5 years, Counos X will be worth $392 and $2,663 a decade from now.

Counos X on social media

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