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Ghanaian artist Kojo Marfo becomes the latest celebrity to announce his own NFT series

Hassan Maishera

Ghanaian artist Kojo Marfo has joined an increasing number of celebrities in launching his own NFT series.

Ghanaian artist Kojo Marfo announced in a press release shared with CryptoAdvisor that he is set to release his NFT collection soon. 

Kojo Marfo is a Ghanaian artist based in London. Marfo developed his interest in art and visual culture through traditional Akan artifacts, sculptures, and carvings that he was exposed to as a child growing up in Ghana.

According to the artist, the collection will be minted throughout April 2022 thanks to his collaboration with JD Malat Gallery and borrows elements from Pablo Picasso, artifacts, and masks. 

Marfo believes art is a tool for communication, and this philosophy has allowed him to tap into a growing pool of creativity and ideas. Marfo's upcoming NFT collection is a logical extension of his work ethic and highlights the ongoing evolution of society, his team added. 

The Ghanaian artist believes that NFTs are a medium to reach new people whether they want to invest or are passionate about the art world. He also believes that NFTs are the next frontier of communication for artists and create a connection between the real and digital world. 

Hence, his NFT collection is set to signify those strong links with physical works. The collection is created through a base of 250 characteristics distributed through an algorithm to generate unique NFTs.

The artist said this NFT collection is based on three important pillars; artistic vision, charity and blending the real and digital world. The team added that;

“Kojo Marfo wants to convey a message of hope and understanding to all current and future collectors of his work. Take the time to think, sit, and reflect on the journey we call life.”

Kojo Mafo's upcoming NFT collection is made possible thanks to the partnership with JD Malat Gallery. 

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