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Bitcoin.com closes $33.6M sale of VERSE token

Daniela Kirova

Bitcoin.com has closed a private sale of $33,600,000 for its proprietary VERSE token with participation from KuCoin Ventures, Blockchain.com, Digital Strategies, ViaBTC Capital, 4SV, BoostX Ventures, Redwood City Ventures, and influencers such as Jihan Wu and David Wachsman, Crypto Advisor learned from a press release. 

Expanding the ecosystem of crypto products and services                            

The VERSE token will expand Bitcoin.com’s network of cryptocurrency products and services, bringing the rewards and utility of the token closer to everyday people.    

Dennis Jarvis, Bitcoin.com CEO commented:

Since 2015, Bitcoin.com has been a leader in introducing newcomers to crypto and guiding them along their crypto journey. So far we’ve built an incredible portfolio of products and services that count more than 4 million monthly active users and 30 million self-custody wallets created. Today, we’re proud to announce VERSE, a utility and rewards token for everyone who participates in the ready-built Bitcoin.com Verse ecosystem. VERSE is user-centric and adds tremendous value across our range of crypto products and services including the Bitcoin.com self-custody wallet app, the Bitcoin.com Exchange, the Verse DEX, Bitcoin.com News, and our upcoming crypto-enabled debit card. We’re also extremely excited to announce the Verse public token sale, which is scheduled to begin in June.              

VERSE is on par with CRO and BNB

The minting of VERSE as an Ethereum (ERC-20) token will begin this summer. It is very similar to CRO, BNB, and FTT, the cryptocurrencies of Crypto.com, Binance, and FTX. One can also compare some VERSE features to the native tokens of Nexo, Celsius, and other CeFi platforms.              

Justin Chou, Chief Investment Officer of KuCoin Ventures said: 

The next wave of growth in crypto will be led by strong global brands that create real-world products for millions of people. Bitcoin.com will accelerate the development of products and partnerships that expand their reach globally.                                      

Eric Weiss, Managing Partner of Digital Strategies added: 

In our view, the utility of the Verse token in conjunction with the Bitcoin.com brand and broad suite of tools will create a powerful moat for its ecosystem. We’re thrilled to be part of this journey with Bitcoin.com and Verse.                                

After minting, 6% of the total supply of VERSE (12.6 billion) will be sold. The sale will be the first token project on the Verse Launchpad, which will be released at the same time.         

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