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Analysts predict Cosmos price will double in a year: where to buy ATOM

Daniela Kirova

Cosmos is described by its creators as a network that solves some of the biggest problems in the blockchain industry, such as costly and unscalable protocols. It’s one of the biggest winners today, up 14% in the last 24 h. If you want to know more about Cosmos and ATOM, its native token, like where to buy ATOM, look no farther than this quick and informative guide.  

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What is ATOM?

Cosmos is described as “Blockchain 3.0” and its main goal is to ensure that its infrastructure is straightforward to use. To this end, the Cosmos software development kit focuses on modularity. This allows a network to be easily built using chunks of code that already exist. Long-term, it’s hoped that complex applications will be straightforward to construct as a result.

A major concern for some in the crypto industry centers on the levels of fragmentation seen in blockchain networks. There are hundreds in existence, but very few of them can communicate with each other. Cosmos aims to make this possible.

ATOM has a very specific total supply — 260,906,513 to be exact. Of these, at the time of writing, about 203,121,910 were in circulation. It is worth noting that these cryptocurrencies aren’t mined — instead, they are earned through staking.

Should I buy ATOM today?

Read at least several price predictions and ATOM analyses before deciding to invest in it and never buy more than you can afford to lose.  

ATOM price prediction

Overall, Price Prediction is bullish on ATOM. They predict ATOM will trade for at least $46 in 2022. The Cosmos price can reach a maximum level of $56 next year. In 2023, ATOM will be worth a minimum of $71 and a maximum of $80. The next year, the price of 1 Cosmos is expected to reach at least $104.

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